What is Brick Cleaning?

Sep 7, 2022

Brick cleaning is complex and the appearance of bricks can be permanently damaged by employing the wrong cleaning techniques. There are a few different ways to clean brick. We use the most delicate nonabrasive brick cleaning techniques which allow us to maintain the structure of the building and safeguard against any damage.

For general brick cleaning soapy water is used but for more challenging harder to remove stains harder cleaning agents may be required. When cleaning brickwork we make sure that the surface is always cleaned as delicately as possible and in an eco-friendly manner. This means your brickwork is cleaned effectively, with no damage caused by the bricks or surrounding pointing whilst minimizing any impact on the environment.

If stronger cleaning agents are required, our experienced brick cleaning specialists are able to apply solutions that will break down and corrode unwanted build-up and dirt on the bricks. The bricks will then be delicately cleaned using minimal pressure. This will fully restore the bricks to their natural colour and once again the building will look renewed.

What Brick Cleaning Services Can We Offer?

We offer various brick cleaning services including:

-Restoration: bringing new life to old and damaged buildings

Brick cleaning: general cleaning of brick work, this can include light cleaning, algae and moss removal as well the most stubborn stains to the brickwork

-Brick re-pointing : over time weathering causes decay and damage to brickwork , allowing the undesirable entry of water

Graffiti removal : removed graffiti from defaced buildings

-Paint removal : remove paint on brickwork to reveal natural brick finish

With bricks often being exposed to the elements such as air pollution, bad weather and growth build up they quickly lose their clean finish. Getting your brickwork cleaned by professionals will protect against this and leave your building looking beautifully clean.

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