The Value of Office Maintenance for a Productive Workplace

Aug 7, 2023

Office maintenance and cleaning is an important consideration whatever your working space. A clean and organized office space is more than just a matter of aesthetics: it significantly impacts employee morale, productivity, and overall business success.

Serna team helps you to create healthier work environments by offering a wide range of office maintenance services to ensure that the workplace remains clean, tidy and sanitary. Some specific services may vary depending on client’s needs.

Here are some of the office cleaning services you can find with us:

Hard Floor Maintenance: refer to professional cleaning and care provided for various types of flooring surfaces to keep them in good condition and extend their lifespan.

Window Cleaning: involve professional cleaning and maintenance of windows, glass surfaces, and sometimes the surrounding frames and sills.

Waste Removal & Recycling: the goal is to minimize the impact of the waste on the environment, conserve resources, and promote recycling and reuse wherever possible.

Carpet Care: this involves professional cleaning, maintenance, and restoration of carpets to keep them in good condition and extend their lifespan. Carpets are commonly found in both residential and commercial settings, and regular care is essential to preserve their appearance, hygiene, and functionality.

Washroom Services: the goal is to create a pleasant and sanitary environment for users while also ensuring the proper maintenance of restroom fixtures and amenities.

Office Maintenance Case study
Our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of the office space and tailored a cleaning plan to address the specific needs of the company. The plan included regular daily cleaning, floor care, and detailed cleaning of high-touch surfaces.

“Just an email to say thank you to you and your team in setting up the cleaning contract for LMG’s new office.
From notifying you of our decision to Serna starting on site, it was a very quick turnaround, and we appreciate the efforts in making that happen.”

Head of Procurement, LMG

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