The Magic of Deep Cleaning

Aug 31, 2023

Deep cleaning is much more thorough service than a routine clean. Deep cleans consist of cleaning areas that are often missed during a standard cleaning. These are often harder to reach stains and areas that routine cleans simply aren’t able to handle.

Serna Facilities Maintenance offers a deep cleaning service that goes beyond the surfaces and tackles hidden dirt, grime, and allergens that accumulate over time.

Beyond a tidy and spotless place, deep cleaning services brings more benefits not only to your premises but also to people wellbeing. It helps to create a healthier and more comfortable environment for occupants.

Benefits of our Deep Cleaning Service:

  • Healthier environment: A deep clean involves the disinfecting of all areas and will remove all nasty bugs, bacteria, and mould and thereby protecting your health.
  • Full-Scale Cleaning: deep cleaning goes beyond removing top-level dust and dirt. It will get rid of build up hard to clean dirt, bacteria, and mold.
  • Minimize health hazard: undertaking deep cleaning can help uncover health, safety and hygiene concerns that would otherwise go unnoticed during standard cleans.
  • Employee productivity: workers often feel more energized and productive when allergens and dust particles are removed from the environment.

A deep clean is a powerful way to refresh and rejuvenate any living or working space. By ensuring you do a deep clean on a per season basis, you guarantee a health and safe environment for people and optimal conditions for your home and working spaces.

“Please accept my sincere gratitude for the deep clean of Woodlands Park Nursery over the summer break. Your team worked with strength and diligence and all the tasks requested were completed professionally to a high standard. Even though we had a full classroom paint job, many new cabinets made and painted.
Serna as usual worked safely and patiently to do the best job they could in the circumstances.”

Premises Manager – Woodlands Park Nursery School

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