Second Consecutive Year Running as Finalist at Golden Service Awards

Jan 16, 2024

Evolution and Expansion: A Testament to Adaptability  

In the landscape of Cleaning and Facilities Management industry, where excellence is the standard, we are thrilled to announce that Serna Facilities Maintenance has been chosen finalist in the Small Business Awards category for the second consecutive year at the prestigious Kimberly-Clark professional Golden Service Awards 2024! 

This prestigious recognition reaffirms our commitment to excellence in the facilities maintenance industry and serves as a testament to the high standards we consistently uphold.  

Over the last 20 years in the facilities maintenance industry, our pursuit of excellence has been characterised by unwavering commitment, diligent effort, and innovative practices. These core elements have played a pivotal role in establishing our significant presence within the Education, Commercial, Hospitality, and Construction sectors what has helped us to evolve and expand rapidly the business to adapt the services to our client’s needs. Today Serna FM operates with four distinct divisions:  

  • Serna Cleaning 
  • Serna Rope Access 
  • Serna Renovation  
  • Serna Support Services. 

People/Operation: Nurturing Talent, Building Careers 

The unwavering commitment to quality management and to maintaining high health and safety standards across all operations have been compensated by being accredited by UKAS with ISO 9001:2015 & SSIP and Constructionline Gold respectively.   

Sustainability: Reducing Impact, Increasing Responsibility 

The effort and dedication in promoting green practices by participating in Keep Britain Tidy’s campaigns, digitalising documents to avoid the use of paper, operating a fully electric fleet, implementing e-dosing systems, and adopting ethical and sustainable uniforms are just a few measures that underscore our commitment to sustainability and make us be accredited as an environmental management company, we are currently ISO 14001:2015 which is supported by our ESG plan. 

Beyond our hard work to delivery first-class service, Serna investing in team’s wellness and success by promoting the Real Living Wage and ensuring they are receiving training constantly. We became in Recognised Service Provider in 2021 as we truly believe that “a hard day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay”. Additionally, 97% of contracts at now at London Living wage or higher up from 38% the previous year.  

Training for Excellence: Investing in Our Team’s Success 

We provide comprehensive training at all levels, covering diverse areas and accredited bodies such as ISOH, RoSPA, CPD, IIRSM.  

We have mandatory training for the health and Safety and wellbeing of employees which is translated into 41 different languages to allow our employees to further develop soft skills and ensures that our employees remain competent and effective in their roles.   

Business Plan: Pioneering Growth and Innovation 

As part of our next 3-year growth plan we have appointed our first non-executive director with aims of doubling our turnover and ensuring our presence has a sustainable focused in our communities and people. 

 Our vision is to be recognised as the first choice in the market sector as an innovative multi-discipline FM company that positively impacts the environment and people  

Being finalist for Small Business Awards at the Kimberly-Clark professional Golden Service Awards 2024! for the second consecutive year is a source of inspiration to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence and maintain the high standards that have earned us this recognition.  

If you want to know more about how Serna can look after your working spaces, do not hesitate in contact us at 020 7788 4313 or via email at