Remote Working

Mar 16, 2022

At the beginning of 2020 the pandemic caused many changes in our society! Thousands of people lost their jobs, others found a market gap to create new businessess and others evolved and moulded their business models to stay in busniess and survive in the market.

Remote working arrived to stay. This unusual way of working was the boom of 2020, allowing thousand of people to continue working during the global health crisis whilst reducing the risk of infection and avoiding spread of the virus. Working from home has become an advantage to some people who have been able to create a good balance between professional and personal life. Nowadays, this popular way of working has been established into the policies of different companies includes Serna FM.

In the beginning, home working agreement policy was established to meet the requirement of the government to try to reduce the spread, but once the measures were relaxed Serna FM decided to keep a hybrid system that allows its employees to continue to enjoy the benefits of having a working balanced life.

At Serna FM, we care about the mental and physical well-being of our team which is why we implemented our own hybrid model of working. Seeing the team’s level of performance and listening to their experiences during the time they were working remotely before starting the hybrid model working, we found out some pros and cons of remote working.

Pros of remote working:

*Save money by reducing the transport expenses. 

*Save time by reducing the time spent in travelling to work. 

*Higher productivity.

*More autonomy due to the flexibility to manage its timesheet. 

*Work-life balance that cause a positive impact into its mood.

Cons of remote working:

*Isolation from the team. When people work remotely appear a lack of access to informal conversation sharing at the office.

*Sickness due to the employees still are working if they feel unwell because they are in the comfort of their houses.

We are happy working in this new hybrid system that we have created for our selves and for the well-being of our team. A happy and productive team means a growing company.