Hygiene Tips

Jan 26, 2022

Reduce the spread of infections and illnesses caused by dirt and germs by making sure your environment is clean and bacteria-free. There are several natural choices easily found in your kitchen to disinfect any space, here are a few examples of what kind of ingredients you can use to disinfect your spaces.

*White vinegar to prevent the growth of food-borne bacteria. You can either combine this liquid with fresh lemon juice or baking soda to reach a deep disinfection.

*Citric acid (lemon juice) helps to prevent bacteria, mould and mildew.

*Rosemay oil is the best ally to fight against fungi due to its antioxidants properties.

*Banking soda is useful to absorb odours in the air.

There are also other eco-friendly alternatives that can help us with cleaning and disinfecting whilst being harmless and having a low impact on the environment such as; Ecover, Greenspeed and Biohygiene. These products are manufactured in ecological factories using biodegradable ingredients and most of them are plant-based.

Be conscious, be green!