Feminine Hygiene First

Nov 2, 2023

Talks about washroom services may not be the most glamorous topic, but they play a crucial role in our daily lives. Workplace restrooms are spaces that employees visit regularly during their shift, and the quality of these facilities can significantly impact our comfort and well-being. On aspect of washroom services that needs to be prioritize is feminine hygiene.

At Serna, we understand how important hygiene, safety, and discretion is when choosing the right feminine hygiene disposal to ensure a clean environment. We offer feminine sanitary bins in different colours that suit & combine in almost any washroom design.

They are designed to ensure the content is impeded from people’s views to guarantee a pleasant washroom environment for all users:

  • 23L capacity bin with minimum floor obstruction.
  • Suitable for bin or bag exchange service.
  • Flap easily removed for cleaning.
  • No visual contact with waste due to the angled flap.
  • Simple lines and smooth surfaces minimise dirt and dust traps.

The importance of proper washroom facilities:

  • Disposal options: proper disposal options for used sanitary products are essential. Many restrooms do not count dedicated bins for these items, leading to discomfort and hygiene concerns. Ensuring you install sanitary disposal units can help maintain cleanliness and dignity.
  • Cleanliness and maintenance: Regular cleaning and maintenance ensure that washrooms remain a safe and comfortable space for all users.
  • Accessibility: providing easy access to feminine hygiene products such as sanitary napkins and tampons allows to reduce poor hygiene around the world.

Feminine hygiene is a fundamental aspect of washroom services that deserves special attention. By choosing the right feminine hygiene, we work towards a more equitable and inclusive society. It’s time to ensure accessible and comfortable restrooms for everyone.

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