Embracing environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

Jul 19, 2023

In the current era, environmental consciousness holds a prominent position, compelling industries from all sectors to pursue sustainable practices. The Facilities Maintenance industry is no different, recognising the need to align with eco-friendly solutions.

At Serna FM, we embrace environmentally conscious practices to reduce our ecological footprint by adopting eco-friendly practices a daily basis such as:

Eco-friendly cleaning products:

Using products which reduce plastic use and minimise storage space, microfiber clothes long durability which minimise environmental impact and plant-based products certified by The European Eco-Label.

Water conservation:

Through regular maintenance and repairs of plumbing systems you can prevent leaks, further reducing water waste.

Recycling and waste reduction:

We reuse as much as possible by owning reusable bottles and avoiding buying one-time use plastic containers. Also, we have digitalised internal and external documents to avoid printing saving paper and reducing contamination for the use of cartridges ink.

Education and awareness:

We encourage our clients and employees to adopt eco-friendly practices by offering discounts on the purchase of ecological cleaning products, inviting them to be part of recycling campaigns and giving them both gifts made with plant-based materials.

By incorporating these Eco-friendly Facilities Maintenance practices into our everyday operations, we have achieved ISO 14001 certification.

At Serna, we are committed to the environment and we continue working hard towards a green and sustainable future. If you would like more information or to arrange a consultation please get in touch with us today.