Creating a Healthy & Clean Learning Environment

Sep 13, 2023

As student and teachers embark on a new academic year, one critical aspect that should never be overlooked is school cleaning. Cleaning services and a clean learning environment play a crucial in maintaining healthy spaces where students can learn and thrive.

At Serna FM, we offer a wide range of services to ensure the premises are clean and safe for our children.
Here are some of the school cleaning services you will find with us:

Deep cleaning:
Consists of cleaning areas that are often missed during a standard cleaning. There are often harder to reach stains and areas that routine cleans simply are not able to handle. Deep cleaning ensure that all surfaces are completely free of any allergen, bacteria, dirt particles, and grime.

Carpet care:
We help businesses to keep their carpets free from soil and grit which often accumulate on carpets and enable harmful bacteria to work undetected.

Hard floor maintenance:
We can care for your stone, wooden and vinyl floors. Our treatments include scrubbing and buffing floors to a shiny finish, stripping and re-polishing wooden floors, and applying a protective seal to guard against damage.

Computer & telephone disinfection:
We all know that regular use of computers and telephones in offices results in a build-up of bacteria and dirt on the receiver and in the keyboards. We offer extensive cleaning for all your computers and telephones, so that you can protect the health of staff when working in the office.

General cleaning:
We have helped business from a variety of sectors, ranging from schools to offices and entertainment venues, to keep their spaces professionally cleaned throughout the year.

Builders clean:
We can support your building project during construction and ensure that the newly built or refurbished premises look fresh and clean.

Clean Learning Environment Case study

One of our education clients faced challenges in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for its students, teachers, and staff. With a large student population and various events held throughout the year, the school’s premises required special attention beyond regular cleaning.

“I wanted to let you know how satisfied we are after these few first days of regular cleaning. Despite the challenge, your team has been very efficient, and the results are already noticed by our staff. On behalf of them all, I would like you to pass on the evening team our appreciation of their work.

I have noticed the long hours spent and also want to thank you for this extra mile. I hope that soon enough, your team will be able to achieve the same results in the expected time frames set in your optimal proposal.”
– CFBL, Premises Manager

To find out more about making your school or institution into a clean learning environment Contact us NOW 020 7788 4313 or visit our website and find out all services we can offer you to ensure your premises are in optimal condition.