Benefits of Deep Cleaning

Jan 17, 2023

There are many different benefits to deep cleaning. Some of which are obvious such as knowing your building is sparkling clean. Others are less obvious such as the health and productivity implications. Here is a list of all the benefits deep cleaning provides:

Health: engaging in a deep clean protects your building and its inhabitants against diseases. Deep cleaning involves the disinfecting of all areas and will remove all nasty bugs, bacteria, and mold and thereby protecting your health. Deep cleaning is even more important today given the prevalence of viruses such as COVID-19. It improves indoor air quality helping protect you against such viruses and diseases

Full-Scale Cleaning: deep cleaning goes beyond removing top-level dust and dirt. It will get rid of built up hard to clean dirt, bacteria and mold. Cleaning areas that are not seen by the naked is an often neglected but important need.

Identification of unseen health risks: undertaking deep cleaning can help uncover health, safety and hygiene concerns that would otherwise go unnoticed during standard cleans.

Employee Productivity: workers often feel more energized and productive when allergens and dust particles are removed from the environment. The increase in the quality of air quality often lifts employees’ moods and happiness.

When are Deep Cleans Done and How Often Do They Occur?

Deep cleaning should be a practice that all homes and commercial buildings engage in. It’s imperative that environments are kept in optimal conditions that maintain the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness. For a residential home, a deep clean should be done at least twice a year, though we would recommend three times. Deep cleans are often engaged in when a renter’s tenancy comes to an end. This is often called an end-of-tenancy clean. The goal of an end-of-tenancy clean is to ensure that the building is perfectly clean ahead of new tenants renting the premises. Commercial buildings should also be deep cleaned at least three times a year though we suggest an even more regular cleaning cycle, especially if renovation or redecoration work is done.

Deep cleaning is often engaged in at the end of renovation projects, often referred to as after builders cleans or sparkle cleaning. Once construction work is completed, a thorough clean of the building and its premises is required before handover. It’s particularly important as this sparkle clean ensures your newly built or refurbished building looks fantastic ahead of handover or sale. This often includes removing construction debris and removing soil and grit from carpets among other standard deep cleaning services.

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