A Recipe for Success: Cleaning & Sanitising

Nov 28, 2023

Restaurant cleaning is of utmost importance. The success of any restaurant depends on the quality of its food, customer service and cleanliness and sanitation. Whether it’s a crowded eatery in the heart of the city or a cosy neighbourhood café, maintaining a high standard of cleanliness in non-negotiable.

Why do you need Restaurant Cleaning?

Kitchen cleaning: The kitchen in the heart of any restaurant, there is where magic happens, but it’s also where cleanliness is most critical, therefore maintaining a high standard or cleanliness is crucial. Guarantee a cleaning and sanitising kitchen environment it’s not just about appearance, it’s about preventing foodborne illnesses. Food residues, grease, and bacteria must be removed to create a safe cooking

Regular cleaning and sanitising of all kitchen surfaces, appliances, utensils, and equipment is crucial. This includes ovens, cooker, chopping board and more!

Food preparation areas: these areas are where ingredients are manipulated and combined to transform into delectable dishes. Contaminated surfaces or improper handling can lead to cross-contamination, which can result in foodborne illnesses. Regular cleaning and sanitising of these areas are essential to maintain food safety standards.

Dinning areas: aesthetically speaking, these areas are the most sensitive for clients as is there where they enjoy their meals, and a clean and inviting ambiance is crucial for an enjoyable dining experience. This involves cleaning and sanitising tables, chairs, floors, and all surfaces that customers come into contact with. Regular cleaning not only ensures cleanliness but also enhances the restaurant’s reputation and customer satisfaction.

Restrooms: Guarantee a clean and sanitary experience in restrooms areas ensures positive impression and prevent the spread of germs. Clean restrooms are not just about hygiene; they also reflect the overall cleanliness and professionalism of the restaurant.

Safety beyond the visible: in addition to visible surfaces, deep cleaning and maintenance are equally vital. HVAC systems, ductwork, and hidden nooks need attention to prevent buildup of mould, mildew, and bacteria. This ensures that the air quality in the restaurant is clean and healthy for both customers and staff.

Restaurants and food service cleaning is about the health and safety of customer and staff. At Serna, we count on trained staff, focus on detail that will help to keep your place in optimal condition for all occupants.

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